Priori: Admin Search & Proposal Builder



Over the past few years Priori's primary clientele has shifted from small startups to larger corporate in-house legal departments. This shift brought a strong need to improve the admin side of the platform. Most importantly providing Priori's admin users the ability to search the lawyer network with great specificity, customize the lawyer profile information displayed on each proposal, and deliver a detailed, and attractive, proposal to our clients through the platform. This project was a huge undertaking as we not only overhauled the existing admin tools, but also added new robust functionality.


Based on the discovery conversations with the business sponsors, it was identified that the primary elements admin users needed to most efficiently search the lawyer network and pinpoint the best lawyer matches were 1. profile cards displaying an overview of each lawyer, and 2. robust filter options to aid in making the keyword search most effective. It was also important to the business sponsors that the filters remain displayed on the page at all times. As the search is unique to each request/proposal, the search remains as last applied so the user is able to return at a later time to continue where they left off, or a different user can view the search results and continue fulfilling the proposal. Below is a screenshot of the search page with key elements pulled out for a closer look. View full screen

Admin - Search - Tab 2 - Mockup.png


Upon being admitted into the Priori network, each lawyer is required to complete a comprehensive profile detailing education, work history, accolades, proficiencies, industry expertise, and more. This information is displayed on the lawyer’s profile that can be viewed but potential clients during the proposal process. Many clients working through Priori to help facilitate outside counsel are looking for very specific experience and expertise. And while Priori’s admin is able to put forth the best possible matches for the request, it was often times overwhelming for client users to sift through the lawyers’ profiles to find the information most pertinent to their needs. This created a need for a bespoke proposal building tool on the admin side of the platform. Certain items (i.e. years experience, bar/court admissions, notable experience, etc) are simply toggle on/off to display on proposal, while body copy fields (i.e. lawyer bio, proposal pricing, and note about the lawyer from the Priori admin) are completely customizable with a default for quick completion of more general proposals.

Additionally, the admin are able to update an already sent proposal, view client activity within the proposal, as well as the activity of other admin so that multiple users can collaborate on a single proposal. View full screen



These new tools and functionality have allowed Priori’s admin to not only better search the lawyer network and build proposals in a way they weren’t able to do previously, but they can do so with great efficiency allowing for a more streamlined fulfillment process and a more successful close rate with incoming outside counsel requests.