I started designing in early 2008 after teaching myself Flash/ActionScript 2.0 and began building websites for a small marketing agency. I have done many different forms of graphic design over the years, but nowadays I focus on user interface/user experience. I am currently the Lead Designer at Priori Legal, a tech start-up based in New York City. Over the past couple years at Priori, working directly with the development team, we've built a digital marketplace for in-house counsel departments to connect and work with boutique and sole practitioner law firms. From first contact, through on-going communication, file sharing, and invoicing all aspects of the client/lawyer relationship live on the platform. In addition to the client/lawyer facing platform we've implemented robust tools for the Priori admin to search the lawyer database and build proposals to be delivered to clients through the platform. 

When I'm not on my computer, I enjoy golfing, snowboarding, exploring new places, bending an elbow with friends, lighting up a stogie, and binge-watching shows.