Priori: Billing & Invoicing



Priori Legal helps companies and in-house legal departments find high-quality attorneys for whatever their legal needs may be. The company/user reviews and hires the attorneys through the Priori Platform, where the project(s) and relationship between Client and Lawyer lives. 

Priori benefits the attorneys as well. In addition to client introductions through Priori, the platform also offers billing, project management, and communication tools exclusively for Priori's network attorneys.


As Priori Legal has pivoted towards servicing larger corporations and in-house legal departments, and away from smaller companies and entrepreneurs, certain functionality needed to follow. In this case, the ability to share access to projects on the Priori platform with others. After identifying all use cases for this functionality, establishing the hierarchy of permissions, and wire-framing all necessary user flows, I focused on adding all visual aspects of the new functionality with limited disruption to the recently completed and launched platform overhaul we implemented. Below are mockups of the final product, launched in May 2017. 


For the individual project page, as well as the "My Projects" (which displays all user projects) and the "Dashboard" (which has a panel displaying a handful of the user's most recent projects), the user needed to be able to quickly identify other users with access to the project, view/edit existing user permissions, and invite new users to the project. Displaying the users with access was a straightforward solution, and inviting new users can be accomplished by selecting the "add user" icon or can also be completed in the "Project Permissions" panel (visuals on that in the following section). But how the project owner would 



To share a project you simply select the level of user permissions you would like to pass on, enter an email address (or two, or more), and send. To simplify the interface and experience, users are only allowed to select one level of permissions for each time they share a project. To share a project with a two different users at two different permissions levels you would have send them one at a time. This is an edge case for our user base, so the slight inconvenience for very few is worth it to streamline the process for the majority. Slideshow below shows this modal in all states. 



This modal's main purpose is to view and edit permissions of all users on the project, and for ease of use I've also added the ability to share the project from this modal as well. Slideshow below shows this modal in all states.