Priori: Client Project Request



Priori Legal helps companies and in-house legal departments connect with high-quality, vetted attorneys with a wide array of experience, practice areas, and industry expertise. Priori assesses the client's legal needs and matches them with the best fits from its network. Client's use the Priori platform to review, consult, and hire the attorneys, as well as manage projects, handle billing, communicate and share documents with attorneys and their team. 

Priori benefits its network attorneys as well. In addition to client introductions, the platform also offers billing, project management, and communication tools exclusively for Priori's network attorneys.


Users can submit a request through the Priori website or once logged in on our platform. Once a request is submitted Priori team reviews the provided information and gets to work selecting well-matched attorneys from its vetted network. Once the matches are selected, the user can login to review, message (through the platform), reject, and/or setup a consultation with the provided attorneys. This is many users first interaction with the Priori platform, so it needs to be quickly digestible, easy to navigate, and communicative.


Users are able to see a preview of all current project requests and individually access them from their dashboard. Users also receive a platform notification and an email informing them their request has been fulfilled (which would direct them straight to the request page, bypassing the dashboard). Functionality on the "Your Project Requests" panel was intentionally limited to encourage users to navigate to the request page to carry out actions in order to keep the dashboard clean and not overwhelm the user immediately after login. Requests can often have several lawyers for the user to consider, so the panel could easily become quite dense. Although, by scrolling down the dashboard a bit, they will be able to see any request related consultation calls they may have setup, and perform some functions from that panel.

Client Dashboard - Default - 1280.png


After thorough evaluation of previous flows for the request page and hire process, the best path forward was to simplify and minimize the information initially shown to the user and provide clear next steps. This was accomplished by only using a snippet of each lawyer's bio, displaying their standard rate, and adding functionality that allows the Priori fulfillment team to add general notes about the request as a whole, as well as specific notes for each lawyer. These key attributes allow the user to more quickly identify if a lawyer has the experience and specific expertise they need, determine if the lawyer(s) fall within their budget, and easily take steps towards hiring the right lawyer and getting their project underway.



Most functionality on the request page is executed via popups, so the user can complete simple tasks without leaving the page. 



These revised flows to the Priori project request and hiring process improved the user experience and aids in closing new clients with less effort from the Priori team and the network lawyers. By making the interface and information more succinct users are less likely to be overwhelmed by information overload, or drop-off with a lack of understanding for next steps. And with the Priori team adding custom notes to each request, they can answer questions before they are asked and more easily help guide the user to the information and legal help they need.