Priori: Project Request



Priori Legal helps companies and in-house legal departments find high-quality attorneys for whatever their legal needs may be. The company/user reviews and hires the attorneys through the Priori Platform, where the project(s) and relationship between Client and Lawyer lives. 

Priori benefits the attorneys as well. In addition to client introductions through Priori, the platform also offers billing, project management, and communication tools exclusively for Priori's network attorneys.


Users can submit a request through the Priori website or once logged in on our platform. Once a request is submitted Priori team reviews the provided information and gets to work selecting well-matched attorneys from its vetted network. Once the matches are selected, the user can login to review, message (through the platform), reject, and/or setup a consultation with the provided attorneys. This is many users first interaction with the Priori platform, so it needs to be quickly digestible, easy to navigate, and communicative. Very little of Priori's platform traffic is from mobile devices. But this page specifically needs to have a good responsive design, as many potential clients to the platform may be viewing this page via their mobile device.