Priori Legal - Lawyer Profiles



While the Lawyer Comparison page is focused on succinct information and promoting immediate action, the Lawyer Profiles are aimed at providing all possible information a potential client could want about each lawyer. This had to be accomplished in a highly flexible manner, due to variability of each lawyer's information. This was accomplished by breaking the information up into categories and establishing a sub-navigation. The categories are Experience (Overview/Highlights, Work History, Education), Expertise (Practice Areas/Tasks, Industries, Representative Clients and Matters), Testimonials, and Rates. 



With a page this robust, there needed to be a high-level view for potential clients wanting just an overview. This was accomplished this by providing a brief description of the lawyer, location, bar/court admissions, years experience, notable tidbit, and key words/phrases previous clients have used to describe this lawyer. Furthermore, adding an action bar to the bottom of the browser allowed the user to take all next steps. This bar sticks to the bottom of the browser throughout all the way down the page.



The most difficult challenge to solve for on these profiles was that of the "Expertise" sections (Practice Areas/Common Tasks, Top Industries, and Representative Clients & Matters). The size of each section could dramatically vary lawyer to lawyer and needed to allow room for sub-tasks and descriptions. In order to minimize vertical space used, keep the UI clean, and not overwhelm the user, the solution was found in stacking blocks that reveal detailed information on hover. These blocks fix to a vertical height based on the amount detailed text waiting to be revealed, which makes the blocks stack more fluidly, as not to created an endless repetitive box grid. If a particular lawyer has an absurd amount of items in a section a "more" button would appear after a certain number of vertical pixels.