Priori Legal - Lawyer Selection



This project focuses on user interactions after the Lawyer Request form has been submitted and the user receives an email from Priori notifying them their lawyers have been selected and are ready for review. Using tools, such as, Google Analytics and Inspectlet, I watched users' interactions with the previous platform to identify key flaws and make educated decisions on strategies for the new design. 



The focus was to make the "Lawyer Comparison" page concise and very simple so users could easily identify next steps, which would minimize user drop-off at this stage. In addition, add the personal touch of a "Project Manager" to increase engagement and distinguish Priori from other platforms. This was accomplished by doing a few key things... 1. Adding a main note from the Project Manager, as well as individual notes about each lawyer custom to the user, 2. Placing all user actions for each lawyer in one easy to identify location, and 3. Adding a control bar (containing mass actions) to the bottom of the browser that popped up on initiated scroll (this serves as a "SOS" tool for users who maybe don't see exactly what they were hoping for, or are confused about next steps, instead of bouncing this encourages an additional engagement).



All stages of the process can be completed from the Lawyer Comparison page — rejection, review, consultation scheduling, messaging, and even hiring can all be completed from this point (as well as on each lawyer's profile page).